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Arnan de Gans

Iloilo port maintenance needs some maintenance 😮 ... See MoreSee Less

Iloilo port maintenance needs some maintenance 😮

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Arnan de Gans

Dear sir-from-a-advertising-agency,
You entering the wrong promo code does not make my site misleading. And me pointing out that you already had a discount does not make my customer service bad 🙁

"Sure it can. You can refund me via Paypal. Your website is misleading. Like how the plugin page has 10% off then when you place the order offer 20% off? Not good customer service whatsoever."

If you're so desperate to get $2 more discount on a product of which you'll earn the investment back in a day, you're doing something wrong.

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Someone called me a bitch the other day, for I mentioneed my donate-button after answering all his questions about long stay in the Ph for free #outoftheirminds


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