A wedge to give an edge

caught-youWhat happens when products are divided in a free (lite) version and a premium paid version. They are pushed apart to give people a clear picture of what makes it worth to buy the premium version. Want more features? Buy Premium. Want faster or more involved customer support? Buy premium. The free version becomes a tool to sell copies of the premium version and things are generally good. But a fine balance of which feature goes in which product must be maintained.

Development continues and ever so slightly the free and premium products drift closer and closer together. To a point where they’re not all that different anymore…
That’s where AdRotate for WordPress is at now I think. AdRotate has sort of lost it’s balance and it killed the momentum of the past few months.

Over the past year or so AdRotate Pro was quite different from the free version and offered a lot of extras. More recently some essential features got added or redone to make both plugins better but it also caused the 2 plugins to get on equal footing. That’s not to say that AdRotate Pro offers nothing over the free version. But the gap has shrunk a bit.

Time to refocus and wedge them further apart. Bring the edge back.

If you’re curious what may be added to AdRotate check out the AdRotate website or in particular the Development page.

Reset my focus

I’ve sort of decided, like I did a few years ago, to detach from the wordpress.org forums.
Why? I’ve noticed that ever since I started listening to the larger part of the community that uses AdRotate my focus has been blurred and motivation and energy has been drained. A telltale sign that things are headed the wrong way and a change, or reset rather, is needed.


I’m going to bring back the edge AdRotate Pro needs to have. Add interesting features to bring back said edge. Multiple extensive features are planned or being added soon. Follow the development page for more information. Ignore external input a bit more to regain focus and energy.