Yosemite: icons are overrated

First impressions on Apples latest Iteration of OS X and in particular their bad design choices for icons. Welcome to Mac OS X Yosemite.
While I sort of like the look. At the same time there’s so much wrong with it.

Upgrading from Mavericks

This went pretty smooth and fast.
But after the actual upgrade things get annoying quickly.

You have to pretty much re-do all your iCloud stuff, log in to FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud itself, the app store. Which for me is all the same account. It’s not fun to login to bits and pieces of the same account almost 7 times for each computer.

I have upgraded 3 macs, all 3 had different things to complain about. Every setup procedure was slightly different;
– My iMac did a optimisation routine which took well over 3 hours without telling me what it actually did or optimised.
– My MacBook Air went on to re-do iCloud in a way that I thought I lost all my data (luckily I didn’t – But the first time setup stuff was very confusing).
– However, a 3rd mac did go pretty smooth, but crashed right after I saw the desktop for the first time. Not sure what happened there.

New stuff

Then, exploring around the new stuff, sure it feels faster and snappier. But what has actually changed? A few options here and there, some small features. But nothing all that exciting so far.

Looks and feel

The fancy “dark theme” is just a shader over the dock and a colour invertion of the menu bar. That’s not a theme. And most menu bar items (3rd party ones) have no light variant and turn (nearly) invisible in the dark mode.


Yea, the white icons are too bright for me… And what is wrong with the Time machine icon. The clock arms are off-centre or something.

Most apps lost their colour beyond the icon; iTunes, Safari, Finder, Contacts (and probably more) – They are all in black and white. So bland and 1983. Ironic really since Apple just released their ultra-HD-5K-iMac with super-deluxe-colour-ratio-awesomeness. Now you can’t really enjoy it in the base OS. Woot!

If you thought iTunes looked bad. Think again. Yes it got yet another overhaul… And has even less colour, images and attraction in it.

Most annoying though, the icons and all the “neue” font nonsense that’s crammed in there. A lot of icons look slightly wonky because of it. Where a line is slightly too thin or a item in the icon looks off center or some such. Numbered indicators for email look off because the icon is quite narrow and the number bubble looks slightly oval/distorted/oversized.

Look at this – A grasp from my dock on my Macbook Air.

The only icons that look “right” to me are the ones that didn’t come from Apple.
The Finder is a derpy face. Mail is too narrow, iCal is narrow and the 18 isn’t centered. The whole notes icon is off to the right. The safari icon is slightly larger than the others. The iMessage bubble has sunk a few pixels…

The folder icons look slightly too bright (blue) to my taste and some lines in apps such as Finder are too hard (dark) to actually fit in the app.

And why is everything translucent but not really. Some apps are translucent when out of focus and then go opaque when you click on them. What’s going on there…

Apple really dropped the ball on aesthetics if you ask me.

Closing thought

As I mentioned earlier. I like the new looks. In a way, but there’s a lot of small tiny details that just look wrong to me – kind of ruining the whole experience.
And I think that, because of it, it’s really a step down from the usual graphics Apple produces.

I’m assuming this is all modern and new-like. But I’m hoping something is done about it sooner rather than later. The new spotlight thing looks cool and works really well 🙂 And Stacks still work and have a more pronounced look that works.
So it’s not all bad…


Obviously all of it takes a bit getting used to 🙂