3 thoughts on “The hype of Boracay Island

  1. Agree. That place is nice, but really overrated compared to the many amazing beaches across the Philippines. Boracay is largely built on hype, and its real allure is the hype and endless bars, restaurants, and vendors there are. Which, unfortunately is also what is very annoying about the place.

  2. It’s not just about beaches. I mean, yeah, there’s plenty of deserted beaches all around the Philippines, but staying there alone you’d get bored pretty quick right?

    I agree with the vendors detracting from the experience though. I kinda wish they’d disallow that because it’s really annoying to tourists…

    I live on Boracay so they know me and luckily leave me alone. But they’re just trying to make a living also, and many of them are are actually nice, friendly and humorous people when you stop and talk to them (without giving them money).

    Anyway, Boracay is what it is. It’s not an unspoiled paradise anymore, but for me it still has plenty to offer. Especially as a place to live, since there’s plenty to do and I love that the island is so compact which allows you to walk anywhere.

    It’s a place that grows on you also – once you know your way around. It’s a small island but it actually has 17 beaches and numerous nightlife venues, restaurants and other things to do. It keeps me busy at least 🙂

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