Annoying ex-girlfriend? How to deal with it…

Recently I broke up with my girlfriend. The simple truth is that I didn’t love her anymore. I hadn’t loved her for a while. I’ve tried to rekindle the love. But the feeling was gone. Plain and simple. So after a while I decided it was time to move on and I broke up with her.

I sent her on her way after some talking and discussion about the why and how and a few more times the why. Filipinas love drama. Anyway, she left the next morning in a defeated mood and went back home. We had the notion of staying friends, which was fine with me, and I thought that was that.

In the past few weeks she’s on and off pestering me everywhere she can. And she’s being a right bitch about just about everything in every way she can. Facts twisted, truths twisted, memories ruined. I’m made out to be the bad guy and everything I ever did for her seems to have been a wasted effort.

Maybe that’s her way of dealing with things? I don’t know, and honestly I don’t care. But go bother someone else, please?

She’s obviously bitter or angry. Maybe even sad. I sort of get that. But come on – Be mature about it and try to move on. She could get a job, or do something useful with her time instead of wasting it on pestering the ex-boyfriend with bullshit and an attempted guilt trip. It’s merely annoying and resulted in me blocking her everywhere I can.

So; blocked on Facebook, Facebook chat and banned from my Facebook page. Muted and ignored on WhatsApp. SMS/txt messages and phone calls are set to be silent and ignored. Removed from Instagram. I made a rule in my email to delete her emails should she send any.

But it doesn’t end there… Now she found my old dating site profile, which I’m no longer using and she can see that it’s been inactive. But she sent me a message there anyway. How bored can a person be to make it their mission to find any and every angle to try and annoy me?

Her last sms sent recently (before I set that to ignore, too) said so much as that she could do without me just fine –

Then why don’t you? Get a life!

So that’s the current situation. What to do about such a girl? Ignore, ignore ignore and then ignore it some more. There really is no sensible argument that will fix any of it. But I’m so tempted every time to “defend” myself or set the record straight, but I’ll only make it worse once I bite. So I don’t.

Ignore, block and spam everything and maybe some day she’ll give up… 🙁 *sigh*

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