Arnan Thumbs UpI’ve left my plain and unfulfilling life in Europe behind and moved to the Philippines in late 2015. Doing away with what’s expected of me. I currently live in the Philippines and travel around regularly. Moving to a new place to explore from time to time – Until I find the perfect place. Ultimately I hope to invest in something new here. There are opportunities everywhere. I just have to find them and see what I can do with it!

Since moving to the Philippines and not settling down for a while I found that being a minimalist is useful. I guess that makes me a minimalist by choice. I don’t have a lot of stuff anymore. In a way that works very liberating. The few possessions I have are much more valuable and are carefully weighed if I should have them.

As a freelancer I create WordPress plugins, I’m a web-developer if you will. I speak PHP pretty much fluently. Sometimes I like to talk business with people and give advise, share ideas. I usually find a way to encourage and inspire other people. Possibly even motivate them to do something to better their lives. And there are plenty of people to inspire and motivate.

The nutshell

I’m a 30-something traveller who has ditched mainstream life. A jack-of-all-trades and entrepreneur of sorts. I still play the original Colonization a few times a month. Coming up with solutions and seeing chances is a thing I often do.


I’ve moved to the Philippines and am currently searching for my paradise. The goal is to create a more relaxed and fun lifestyle and enjoy life a bit more. It’s a blast trying to figure everything out and meeting new people. My biggest adventure yet.


I enjoy knowing that there are many thousands of people using something I’ve created. I’m the author of various popular plugins for WordPress including AdRotate for WordPress. I have several trademarks registered to my name.

Random Me

I have a Apple laptop. Winter makes me sad. Lego is cool. Flip-flops are hip. Europe is a prison. I like internet things. Most of my belongings fit in 2 bags. Pineapple is awesome. A shy romantic. A sloppy perfectionist if that’s a thing.