arnan-profileI have built my business from literally nothing. Sometimes I like to talk with others about empowering themselves to do the same. There are oppurtunities everywhere. You just have to find them and know how to exploit them!

As a freelancer I create WordPress plugins, I’m a Digital Nomad or entrepreneur if you will. I like to talk business with people and give advise, share ideas. I’m a handy-man of sorts and a jack-of-all-trades so there is usually something to show and tell. And plenty of people to inspire and motivate.

The nutshell

I’m a 30-something digital nomad who has ditched mainstream life. A jack-of-all-trades and entrepreneur of sorts. I still play the original Colonization a few times a month. Coming up with solutions and seeing chances is a thing I often do.


I’ve moved to the Philippines and am currently searching for my paradise. The goal is to create a more relaxed and fun lifestyle and enjoy life a bit more. It’s a blast trying to figure everything out and meeting new people. My biggest adventure yet.


I enjoy knowing that there are many thousands of people using something I’ve created. I’m the author of various popular plugins for WordPress including AdRotate for WordPress. I have several trademarks registered to my name.

Random Me

I have a Apple laptop. Winter makes me sad. Lego is cool. Flip-flops are hip. Europe is a prison. I like internet things. Most of my belongings fit in 2 bags. Pineapple is awesome. A shy romantic. A sloppy perfectionist if that’s a thing.