The map never lies…

Earlier today we decided to explore a bit in the San Teodoro area (Near Puerto Galera, Mindoro). Driving up random sideroads and see what’s at the end.

While searching for a restaurant (which looked like crap) we decided to take a shortcut back to the main highway.

The map indicated there was a road. Luckily my Honda is a Dual-Sport with off-road tires, because the “road” was a rocky path often not much wider than my tires.

Our first road trip

Last week we went on a road trip to the south side of the island.
Packed with some clothes, my laptop and some stuff. We filled our coca cola bottles with fuel and off we went.

5 hours driving each way and still enjoying it!

We spent the night in a silly lodge near Roxas on Mindoro and went back the next day.

Casaroro Falls, it’s in the jungle man!

You know, thick lush forest and foliage. Today I went exploring and went to Casaroro Falls for my first proper waterfall experience since Puerto Galeras Tamaraw Falls. Or so I thought 🙂
Halfway up the mountain it started to rain. Mist was coming down and humidity went up a tenfold. Also the river had swelled and was not safe to cross.


So, no falls. But a fun little adventure none-the-less.

Swimming in a tropical storm

With Typhoon Lando (koppu) in full swing elsewhere in the Philippines, all we get here is wind and rain. 200% humidity, too. So I decided to take a brief swim earlier today.

I took my fancy Sony HDR-AS100V camera in it’s waterproof case, strapped to my wrist and swam out to sea.

Our first hike off the beaten path

Today we decided to check out a lighthouse point. People said it was nice there…
We negotiated a deal with a tricycle driver to take us there and back for a certain amount and a stop along the way for a scenic view.

He assured us he knew a nice spot and on the ‘road’ we went. The main road to Sabang, a town along the way, is very bumpy and broken. But we got to a nice spot with a nice bay view.


Notice the blue water below, filled with rocks or something. According to our driver there is a nice beach down there. We’ll check that out at some point.

The tricycle engine wasn’t quite strong enough to carry us all to the top of the mountainous area where the lighthouse is. So about halfway we were directed to “just follow the road” and the driver would wait for us.


Which is, as you can see, not much more than a rock path through a unkempt grass field.

The Netherlands is a mess!

It’s a bit stormy here over the past few days and today I went for a walk and took some photos. On one hand it looks really peaceful and nice…


And then I turned around and saw this:

broken-tree broken-tree2 broken-tree3

Snapped trees and millions of leaves everywhere. What a mess!
Further down the road going into the forest it wasn’t much better.


leaves-on-path leaves-on-path2


The storm is a bit less now, but it’s still strong. Lots of wind and rain. Not much fun overall 🙁

We went to the Zaanse Schans

Last month we went to the Zaanse Schans one last time to soak up some Dutch history and take a final look at the windmills there.

Here are some outtakes.

I’ve filmed this with my Sony HDR-AS100V and edited it with Final Cut Pro X, my first ‘project’ done in that. I’ll be digging into the features of Final Cut soon to make some more advanced edits over time. There is a lot to learn compared to iMovie 🙂