Do I miss the Netherlands?

Or Europe for that matter. It’s been well over 6 months now that I left my home country. I threw away my return ticket long ago. And I think I’m getting along quite well here in the Philippines.

Culture shock is finished and done. I like it here and I think I’ll continue to like it for a long time.


What I like about the Philippines

Part of the reason I left Europe is because there are too much limitations. Sure you can do pretty much whatever. But there’s also always a rule or policy or system that takes the fun out of anything. Here in the Philippines nobody cares what you do as-long as you don’t hurt other people.


I made it!

2 days ago I finally arrived at the Badladz Beach Resort in Puerto Galera. This’ll be my ‘home’ for the next month or so. I’m still getting my bearings. And my routines are totally screwed by jetlag. An effect apparently worsened by a lack of daylight during the flight. So, thanks KLM for demanding we keep the blinds closed at all times!


Anyway, once I get some energy and when I can think straight again I’ll post a bunch of pictures and stuff.

A life without socks

Time to get practical. I’m going to a tropic country. So I will no longer need socks for the most past.
Not the kind of socks that are common here anyway. And I already have fancy slippers.

So these bastards are not coming with…

Obviously I will wear shoes, I think. Probably. Or not… But I love wearing slippers anyway. So probably not that often. And proper socks around here are too thick and warm for the tropics. So there you go. Space saved in luggage 10% complete.

Dining like a native

While checking out a supermarket-like shop where they sell Chinese and Thai foodstuffs we found some Filipino things. Behold!


That’s right, fancy sauce mixes.
They also had some other things like dried banana chips and mango slices. If the dried Pineapple I got a while ago was any indication I probably don’t like the dried fruit – It hurt my teeth. I’ll try it again when I’m in the Philippines 🙂