A lot of grass and the occasional cow.

Today we went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Heerhugowaard, which turned out to be no fun. So we moved on to Hoorn – Both are smallish towns in the Netherlands. On the way back I filmed a part of the train ride. You’ll see some cows, farms, some sheep, Houses, a whole lot of grass and more out of town stuff.

Travelcards – You know you want one!

We made snazzy cards to hand out to people here, or along the way. We opted to make a double sided business card – but for fun purposes.
Today they finally arrived and they look great!

This is my card, the picture is a place in Puerto Galera. And I’m gonna swim there if I can find it!

And if you turn it around, suddenly it’s Jeanette her card. She used a similar theme as her website with her private jet!

We’ll be handing them out to people we meet. Taxi driver, friends, boatman, stewardess, waitress. If they seem interested in what our plans are they’ll get one.

I can’t sleep because there is a palm tree stuck in my head

I’m having a little bit of a break from most of my work. Taking things in a slower gear for a few weeks. And that leaves room to properly look forward to what my life will be like in a year or 2.
Warning, random nonsense ahead!


You know, when I’m hopefully settled in in the Philippines.
Trying to imagine new routines. What I will do on a sort of day to day basis. Will I use the computer as much? And if so, what do I do on the computer? Upload my latest images of trees with coconuts (and without) or my latest video to this site? Or just playing games till I’m numb… Who knows.

I’m thinking that I should get a bicycle or something and just ride around all day. But it will probably be too hot for that. Maybe I can just ride into the sea to cool off then. Ignoring tourists left and right. Screw it, my camera is waterproof anyway!

Will I miss “home”? If my current and recent views are any indication probably not. Stupid wind all the time. And a useless government to boot. What a waste of space the Netherlands has become over the last 10 or so years. It’s cold and bland too.

I don’t have an office now, but what will it look like in the Philippines? Probably very similar to a patio with wifi overlooking some grassy bits or even a beach. Sounds of birds in the background? Maybe a rooster. Yea, hopefully not too much roosters. Will I have a PC? Or just a laptop?

What’s my business worth anyway? Perhaps I should sell it. Grab the millions of pesos it’s worth and live like a king for a month or 2 until I’m broke. You know, all that money. Millionaire, knowing the currency isn’t worth a damn. Maybe filipinos accept my code as currency. My favourite programming language is PHP after-all.

Do I need a number ticket machine for the queue of western-man-seeking-women to line up? Or would a walled garden work too? Would she be a good cook? Or do we eat out every day because I’m to lazy to cook? I guess the kitchen needs some dusting off every now and then, too.

What will I do the first month? I’ll probably check in to a decent resort-hotel kinda thing and just do nothing for the first week. Get my bearings, warm up to the heat. Trying to make sense of Tagalog and just not care for anything but 5 minutes in the future.

Sounds like a plan 🙂

Someone took the internet!

And so the world comes to an abrupt halt…

[3/14/13 23:27:46] Mathias Jørgensen: He was in bed
[3/14/13 23:27:50] Mathias Jørgensen: And suddenly
[3/14/13 23:27:55] Mathias Jørgensen: I hear him outside my door
[3/14/13 23:27:59] Mathias Jørgensen: He takes the Internet
[3/14/13 23:28:00] Mathias Jørgensen: Leaves
[3/14/13 23:28:13] Arnan de Gans: the whole internet?
[3/14/13 23:28:18] Mathias Jørgensen: YES

And if that’s not bad enough. Apparently it’s kept in a box.

[3/14/13 23:31:49] Arnan de Gans: then take the interweb back
[3/14/13 23:31:52] Arnan de Gans: before it disapears
[3/14/13 23:31:55] Mathias Jørgensen: I can’t
[3/14/13 23:32:00] Mathias Jørgensen: He took it
[3/14/13 23:32:02] Mathias Jørgensen: The box
[3/14/13 23:32:17] Arnan de Gans: internet comes in a box?
[3/14/13 23:32:23] Mathias Jørgensen: Router
[3/14/13 23:32:27] Mathias Jørgensen: He unplugged it

Sadness overwhelms me…

Or not 😉 Haha!

so viele Deutsche

Zum erstem Mal je werde ich meine epischen deutschen Fähigkeiten versuchen. Ich habe nicht wirklich Deutsch in 10 Jahren benutzt und ich spreche nie oder schreibe Deutsch. Ich hoffe, dass Sie verstehen können, was ich hier schreibe.

Ich schaute Google Analytisch an und habe bemerkt, dass viele Leute von Deutschland diese seite besucht. Offensichtlich viel, das sie mir über einen Posten finden, um einen freien tshirt den ich habe empfangen von einer Online-Geschäft 3d Supply. dieser Posten wurde vor 3 Jahren geschrieben. lustig wie ein Posten, der alt noch so viele Besucher anziehen kann,. ofcourse ich bedeute dem „führt mich zu“ Hemd das sie haben weggegeben gratis zu der Zeit. so dies ist zu Ihnen, Deutschland!

My new place of awesomeness!

Last week i’ve expanded my room a bit and made the brilliant move of buying a new desk also. One that fits. One that is pretty and one that is awesome!


With a neat window to signal for food to the outside world… And did you see the desk? It’s awesome!

The gates are closed!

So last night in Eve Online, i was going to pick up some modules and gear for my new ship in a usually crowded area of the game. But with the new Expansion it was so crowded that Concord shut down the gates and let people in only 1 by 1.

Somewhat of a waiting line built up quickly.

In the pic, the round tubular spiky thing in the middle is the gate to Jita, from Perimeter. Perimeter is the adjoining solar system.
Around it are quite a few huge cargo ships and maybe a hundred smaller ships. All trying to get through. Concord, the police force in Eve, let no one in for a bit because it was too crowded in Jita.

Eventually i got in too. No you can’t see me in the pick but i’m right in the middle. THe other ships were so big i had to zoom out far enough to get them in. Making my ship smaller than a pixel… I was in my fastest frigate after all.