Our first road trip

Last week we went on a road trip to the south side of the island.
Packed with some clothes, my laptop and some stuff. We filled our coca cola bottles with fuel and off we went.

5 hours driving each way and still enjoying it!

We spent the night in a silly lodge near Roxas on Mindoro and went back the next day.

My last night in Iloilo City

Today was my last day in Iloilo City. It’s time to move on to the next island – Negros. Iloilo City had lots of firsts, too. First christmas and new years eve in a foreign country. First time to eat in a Shakey’s Pizza parlor. First time to get the phone number of a girl. It was also the first time I saw a big fireworks display in the Philippines and a bunch more things I’m sure.


Being in a reasonably sized city for a while was a whole new experience for a traveller like me. Other than 8 hours in Manila I didn’t experience much of the chaos and city busy-ness in the Philippines yet.
Sure Batangas or Calapan are cities and I’ve been there a bunch of times. However, they felt much more provincial in many ways. Actually living in a city is very different.


Tomorrow I’ll be checking out of my hotel and move on to a nearby ferry company to take the boat to Negros. Next stop, Bacolod City. I’ll be there for a week before moving on down south to Sipalay. And if it’s up to me Bacolod will be the last city for a while. I’m looking forward to being in more rural areas and beaches for a while. Even if that means taking a Ceres Liner bus again… Nothing too extreme though – I still need internet and some amenities from time to time 😉

Beyond Sipalay I’m not sure where to go yet. The general direction is towards Dumaguete but when and how? Not sure yet. Maybe Sipalay is nice enough to stay there for a while. We’ll see.

From Puerto Galera to Iloilo in 24 hours

Earlier this week me and JC set out to explore more of the Philippines. We had a sort of plan as to what was supposed to happen and more or less when things should happen. Bus and boat schedules and stuff. Of-course most of it didn’t work out. But no worries we managed to find our way.


The idea was to head to Roxas by bus, via Calapan. Then take a boat to Caticlan on Panay and then move on to Iloilo on the other side of Panay by bus. Easy, right?

Beautiful beaches in the Philippines

The most beautiful beaches. That’s a popular topic for many. And you’ll see many blogs write about the nice sandy beaches here in the Philippines. But if you look closely it’s always the same desolate sandy bunch. Sometimes it’s even photoshopped. Not much variation and creativity there. So I explored Puerto Galera and surroundings a bit and these are 3 beaches I’ve been on.


This beach mostly lacks sand and is just gravel and stones. It’s in Barangay Tabinay.


Sabang Beach, in front of the town called Sabang. This is flooded during high tide. If you walk further and go through a small pathway you” find this…


Soft sand, a bunch of palm trees and not too many boats 🙂

Hold on to your butt cheeks!

If you’re reading this, we’re flying to the Philippines right now! We took off from Schiphol Amsterdam earlier this evening. We’ll arrive in Manila in about 13 to 15 hours.


We’ll have to make a quick stop in Taipei. This is so we can go through their timegate into the GMT+8 timezone. According to some blog post from people on a similar flight we have to apparently exit the airplane, and after approval from the staff on the Taipei Airport we’ll be in the new timezone.

Avoid unwanted attention from Airport Security

The basic rule is to not draw attention. And you do that best to don’t bring stuff that’s not allowed. Put everything you don’t need during the flight in your check-in luggage – Unless there is a contradicting rule that the item is not allowed in there either. Yep, it’s a huge bag of nonsense. But hey, we paid for it. It’s a privilege to be treated like a criminal.


Not like a few years ago time when I accidentally tried to take a folding blade through check-in and the scanner detected wiring (a forgotten network cable) in my bag… 🙂