Chased by rain

Driving a motorbike is fun most of the time. I like it a lot so far. Though not so much on days like this. We barely kept dry and ahead of the rain. Sometimes it would catch up with us and we had to hide in a shed or gas station for a while.

Our luggage is mostly waterproof, but it’s just annoying to get soaked and to drive on wet roads.

Am I safe in the Philippines?

That’s something of a hot item lately. With the Bohol shooting. The angry horde from the south. A violent war on drugs. Philippine traffic… Considering that, I’m probably not particularly safe – But the same is true anywhere in the world.

Am I scared for that? No, not at all. I live here, I like it here, I carry a knife with me at all times, I’m having fun most of the time. I did pretty much the same in Holland. Except I didn’t like it there very much.

So, should you cancel your vacation plans? No, not at all. The government seemingly tries very hard to contain things. Most incidents are just that, incidents. And the press should stop fear-mongering.

Sunsets in my front yard

Recently I’ve moved to a new island. I’ve driven some 800km from Puerto Galera, Mindoro to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental to discover that the quiet of the province is really nice too. So I’ve decided to give Siquijor a go.

I took this one on the 2nd day here. From the beachfront 100m from my house.

And this sunset almost a week later from a nearby eatery.

Sunsets can be quite amazing. But here they seem a bit extra special.

Lunch with an audience

Most restaurants have people like this loitering around – And most of the time they’re a few meters away or being kept out and away by a guard. Not in Puerto Galera.

Sometimes I buy them fries or a burger. But really, it’s more annoying than anything having an audience with raised hands and naked kids running around the place.

A brief chat with the mom (I think) revealed they were on their way to White Beach. But probably not for a vacation πŸ˜‰

Imma be famous!

Last week publishing contacted me with a request for a interview and a bunch of questions to answer for an article they were writing about Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs in general. Somehow they thought I was interesting enough to be featured – yay!

This week they’ve published it!

There are many people that lead similar lifestyles as me, but no one has the same experience as me, even if they’re also digital nomads. This adds a feeling of uniqueness to my life like never before.

Read all about it on their blog. It’ll be the best thing you read all day!

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Imma be famous!

First time on a ferry with my motorbike!

I’m in the process of moving around the Philippines. This time with my own transport. I’m on the road with my Honda XRM. For the time being I’m not using public transport for this kind of thing πŸ™‚

We took the 2am RoRo ferry to Caticlan from Roxas, Mindoro.

There’s all this hoo-hah about needing papers or the Port Authority will deny you access to their ports – And supposedly they’re very strict about that. However, in Roxas port on Mindoro they didn’t check any papers nor did they validate or even care to see my, temporary, license plate. Nervous for nothing… πŸ˜‰

The unlucky rider

Me, me and me! 3 flat tires in the span of 3 or so hours. Only to discover that my outer tire has a tear or hole – Probably causing the repeatedly breaking of the tube.

After being stopped the 3rd time I decided the tire needed replacing.

Ofcourse, being in the Philippines getting an original Honda tire is impossible. Or at-least where I was. So after some searching I ended up with some cheap Thai brand. Which drove like shit all the way to Iloilo City from Culasi, Panay.

I ended up replacing the tube and tire again after 2 days for something (hopefully) better.

Driving from Mamburao to Sablayan – Part 3 of 3

And the final part of us driving to Sablayan from Mamburao. This is part 3, where we arrive in Sablayan.

There isn’t much to the town or village. It’s a small town without much of a city centre. So ultimately we decided to not stay here and continue on to San Jose directly hopefully find some kind of hotel of lodge along the way.

The whole drive took about 2 hours, with some great views and surprises along the way.

The map never lies…

Earlier today we decided to explore a bit in the San Teodoro area (Near Puerto Galera, Mindoro). Driving up random sideroads and see what’s at the end.

While searching for a restaurant (which looked like crap) we decided to take a shortcut back to the main highway.

The map indicated there was a road. Luckily my Honda is a Dual-Sport with off-road tires, because the “road” was a rocky path often not much wider than my tires.