Eight bananas please

I like bananas, but not by the kilos. So often I buy just a few, 4 or 8 bananas. Turns out that was a bit more difficult than it should be.

Me: Hello.
Salesguy: Hi.
Me: 8 bananas please.
Salesguy: Yes!
tears one banana of the bunch
Salesguy: 8.
Me: Yes, but I want 8 bananas, 8 pieces.
Salesguy: Yes, 8.
Me: This is one banana, I want 7 more.
Salesguy: 8 Kilo?
Me: No, just 8 bananas.
Salesguy: Yes, 8.

The sales guy didn’t speak english, or not very good.

Lunch with an audience

Most restaurants have people like this loitering around – And most of the time they’re a few meters away or being kept out and away by a guard. Not in Puerto Galera.

Sometimes I buy them fries or a burger. But really, it’s more annoying than anything having an audience with raised hands and naked kids running around the place.

A brief chat with the mom (I think) revealed they were on their way to White Beach. But probably not for a vacation 😉

Catching all the fish in the bay

Everyday at our beach a bunch of fisherman are trying to empty the bay of fish. Unfortunately they seem to have done that some time ago since they go out 4 times a day and never seem to catch more than a bucket worth of fish.


Hauling the net takes about an hour or so. More than 10 people are pulling on ropes and finally the fishing net itself to pull it back to the beach.

Things I’ll probably miss at some point

Changing country is no small feat. Since I’m going so far away it’s not really an option to go back for a short trip or whatever. I’m going to be more than 17000Km away in the Philippines after-all.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I would miss the most about the Netherlands. And I’ve come up with this; Kroketten!


I’ll probably think of something else once I ‘loose’ access to certain things. But for now, this is all I can think of.