New beginnings

Fall of 2015

In October of 2015 I left my home in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, for the last time and flew to the Philippines that evening. I spent one night in Manila and moved on to Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island the next day.

the Philippines

2015 → 2018

While being in the Philippines I've been to many places in the 3 years I've been there. Some places I've been to several times. Just because I kinda like it there. The Philippines is a great country to explore and to see all the sights. The landscape can be challenging and impressive at times. Roads are often a hassle but that's part of the adventure.


Fall of 2018

Having spent a while in the Philippines, immigration law dictates me and JC leave the country. We decided to take a little vacation to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to do some shopping and be allowed to 'reset' our visa. Overall, Kuala Lumpur is a nice place to be. The shopping and dining is very nice. We had a blast trying out all kinds of foods. Some things we didn't eat for years. Others were completely new to us.

the Philippines

2018 → 2019

After our trip to Malaysia I continued on in the Philippines. Unfortunately having seen Malaysia also made me realise what a crap country the Philippines really is. The rapidly changing political climate, the lack of development and progress here became ever so apparant and appalling. To make matters worse there is a growing disdain towards foreigners and the whole Filipino attitude is shifting away from friendly and helpful to ignorant and arrogant. I've come to realise I don't fit in with the people, and eagerly left the country.


Winter of 2019

I've explored Italy for a little while. Been to Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice and Milan. From there I took a train through the Alps to the Netherlands to prepare for Mexico. This took about 2-3 weeks. And just before my hotel stay was over I got my Visa for Mexico.


2019 → Future

I've managed to get a Temporary Resident visa for Mexico, and moved there in February for an undetermined period of time. Once I find my way, I hope to explore all of the country and possibly visit Guatemala and Belize among other places using Mexico as my base.

Travel stats


Via Airplane I've travelled more than 83000km. Riding my motorbike I've driven more than 32000km in 2 years. And I've moved around more than 9500km by train, bus and boat.


Over the last few years I've stayed in more than 60 different hotels, lodges or inns. I've lived in 17 different houses and appartments and slept uncomfortable on more than one occasion.


So far I've been to 19 countries in my life. With still more on the list. I speak Dutch and English, a few words German, French and Spanish. Currently I'm learning Spanish. And after a year in the Philippines I completely gave up on understanding Bisaya and Tagalog.


I’ve 'survived' a hotel fire where the building caught on fire from the next-door slums. An earthquake hit my hotel once and I've been in 3 major tropical storms and one smaller one. Sat without power for 3 weeks after a tyfoon and I've driven through floods and and nearly got hit by a landslide.


On my motorcycle I've been the victim of 3 hit-and-runs. I also ran over a dog at high speed. A bird hit me in the helmet once. I've fallen of several ledges/cliffs with my motorcycle. Parts of my luggage got lost and I've had food poisoning quite a few times.


I've hiked up 3 mountains and explored more than 10 waterfalls and tons of scenic views. I've been on heaps of nice beaches and swam in 3 rivers. And I've driven off-road several thousand kilometers for it.

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