Random me

Winter and cold weather depresses me. I like video games, but rarely play any. Lego is cool. I have a laptop. I prefer flip-flops over shoes. I used to like internet things. Most of my belongings fit in two bags. Chocolate is awesome. ISTJ-T, I love riding a motorcycle and go off the beaten path. I'm a shy romantic. A sloppy perfectionist if that’s a thing. Banana shakes are yummy.

So many views

One of my favorite views is on Siquijor Island in the Philippines, way up in the mountains near Larena. There are many nice views to be had. But for now I prefer this one. You can see most of the south side of the island from here. I love great scenic views. Then to see if I can recognize landmarks and figure out how to get to them.

My stuff

Pretty much all of the things I own and travel around with. Mostly clothes, good for about a week. I have a basic set of tools for emergency repairs and maintenance. I own a laptop and a bunch of accessories for the few gadgets I have. A spare pair of shoes, flip flops and some other small things. All-in-all everything easily fits on a motorcycle, and isn't cumbersome at all. Which is of-course very important for light travel.


I love exploring on a motorcycle. All my posessions on the back, and just go. Following the road, or path, to the next interesting looking place. Where I'll then probably stay for a while. While there I'll explore everything I want to see and discover. There is no plan other than a general direction and some cities or areas I want to check out. Most of the time planning doesn't go much further than about 1 to 2 months ahead while travelling.

More me...


I’m a 30-something guy who has ditched mainstream life. A jack-of-all-trades, nomad and entrepreneur of sorts.


I’ve moved away from the Netherlands and am currently searching for my paradise. My goal is to create a more relaxed and carefree lifestyle.


Everything I own fits in 2 bags. The capacity of which is ~63 liters combined. Having more stuff just gets in the way of everything!


I travel around and find new nice places on a regular basis. I live a nomadic lifestyle. But I'm not a typical Digital Nomad.

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